Punch Hole With Neoprene

Composition: Neoprene (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

Width: 54" 56" 58""

Thickness: 0.5-45mm (can be customized)

Hardness: 5-8°, 9-11°, 15-18°

Colour: Water White

Widely used in sports, medical protective gear, thermos bottle caps, luggage, body sculpting fitness products, belts, pads, shoe materials


Neoprene, or Polychloroprene is a type of synthetic rubber.  It is a soft, Flexible, and durable sponge rubber that has the following unique features:

  • WATER RESISTANCE: Neoprene sheds water extremely effectively, making it an ideal outdoor material.

  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Neoprene resists degradation from sunlight, ozone, oxidation, rain, snow, sand and dust – all weather conditions that can heavily wear down normal materials.

  • THERMAL & MOISTURE INSULATION: The gas cells of neoprene make it an ideal insulation material, most notably in wetsuits and can holders.

  • STRETCHABLE: Neoprene is elastic and form-fitting.  The stretchy characteristic of neoprene allows it to applied to equipment, products, and fits of varying sizes and shapes.

  • CUSHIONING AND PROTECTION: The varying thicknesses and densities of neoprene can provide just the right amount of protection to absorb the shock of everyday handling of your products.  Neoprene has been a common choice in electronics protection as well as wearable protection as well in the form of braces and pads.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BUOYANT: Neoprene contains gas cells which helps the foam stay lightweight and also helps the material naturally float when in water.

  • CHEMICAL AND OIL RESISTANT: Neoprene performs well in contact with oils that are derived from petroleum and many other chemicals and remains useful over a wide temperature range.

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